• Maintenance

  • Ensure your systems continue to run efficiently with up-to-date security updates. Preventative maintenance is the key to protecting your technology investment.

    Proper maintenance can improve the overall performance and productivity of your business.



  • Software Updates

    Software updates are an important best practice to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of the software you are using. Missing updates that include security patches could leave your systems vulnerable to being compromised.

  • On-Site System Inspection

    Physical inspection is imperative in spotting problematic issues before they pose a threat to your production systems. Visual inspection of internal components and removal of built up dust will reduce overheating.

    Inspection of warning light indicators and other monitoring triggers will aid in addressing predicted failures promptly.

  • Security Audits

    Periodic security audits of server and system configurations and logs are highly recommended. Analyzing firewall configurations and hardening access controls to internal resources can greatly reduce the chances of an unauthorized user gaining access to company systems.